Parish Pastoral Council

Front Row: Dan Cleary, Stephanie Lang, Sherry Ems, Kelli Lackman, Robin Wurzelbacher, Martha Martini (secretary), Henry Sajnog

Back Row: Tim Clifford (Business Manager), Lou Blessing, Rick Merk, Jim Reuter, Fr. McCarthy (Pastor), Cindy Withrow

Not Pictured: Scott Kihnke and Tim Lawson


Please contact any of our Parish Pastoral Council Representatives with any needs or concerns you may have. 


Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council is a group of elected members of St. Ann Parish representing the needs and concerns of the parish. The role of Pastoral Council is an advisory role to the pastor; to keep him informed of issues going on in the parish, to provide recommendations on planning for the future needs and direction of the parish. In doing so, they are helping to set priorities and goals to carry out the mission of the parish and the vision of the pastor. They also serve as oversight to the various commissions, committees, ministries, and organizations of St. Ann. 


Finance Council

The purpose of this Council is to provide advice and expertise in administrating the financial concerns of the parish. They evaluate and provide recommendations on the physical facilities to determine the general financial health of the parish. They work with the Pastoral Council to advise the pastor as it relates to financial matter and implications of policies and decisions. They also prepare the annual budgets and provide quarterly financial reports. In general, anything related to the financial concerns of the parish are addressed by this Council. Both Councils are working together for the good of the parish.