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May I take this opportunity to thank Fr. McCarthy, my big brother and friend. I have shared rectories with other priests, but have yet to meet one like Fr. McCarthy. He is a character! He is always joyful and will do anything for a fellow human being. He has a lot of dedication and conviction. For everything that he has done for me, may he be blessed with eternal life at the end of it all. I am a quiet man by nature, but Father would make me talk to him for hours. He is a very humble man who even seeks the opinions of seminarians. This is a lesson for me. May I also thank the office staff. All of them are my friends who contributed to my well-being here. They helped me to transition to the U.S. softly. I am also very grateful to all the parishioners of St. Ann, who have kept up with my accent and personality! I received enormous support from all of you. As I go back to my Diocese, I am grateful for having met you. May our Lord and King richly reward you,
Father John