Bereavement Group

The Bereavement Group has been in existence at St. Ann since 1976. This group fulfills a very important need during a painful time in the life of a family. People involved in this ministry assist those who are grieving in the planning and implementation of the funeral liturgy for their loved one. To learn more about this ministy, click here.

Christian Outreach

The purpose of this commission is to encourage and facilitate ways in which we as a parish can help assist in meeting the needs of the poor and vulnerable within the local area. They coordinate varies activities and fundraisers to help local charities. To learn more about this ministry,  click here.

Hispanic Ministry

The Hispanic Ministry consists of Latino and American parishioners of St. Ann. The mission of the Hispanic Ministry is to assist the Latino adults and children to become fluent with the Catholic religious practices in order for them to be fully enrolled in the sacramental communion of the Catholic Church. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

JOY Ministry

The JOY Ministry is our new outreach which was developed to fill the outreach need during COVID outbreak in 2020. We were unable to host the L.I.G.H.T. event as many of our seniors were isolated during that time. To keep them connected, we brought lunch and a JOY package to them. This hybrid outreach includes seniors, homebound, and others in need of little JOY. This ministry continues to grow in both recipients and volunteers. For more details on this program, please contact Cindy in the parish office. learn more by clicking here.

Legion of Mary

This is an international group of Catholic women and men who in emulation of Mary, hold their faith as a precious gift to be shared. The members visit those returning from the hospital, attend funerals, and visit nursing homes. To learn more about this ministry, click here

Respect Life

This group is committed to promoting the sacredness of all life, from conception to natural death. They sponsor 40 Days for Life, Pennies for Possibilities, and the Baby Bottle Campaign to support various grass-roots charities for life. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

Rosary Guild

The purpose of the St. Ann Rosary Guild is to teach people how to make rosaries. The rosaries are made for the missions all over the world in places like India, Kenya, Tanzania, and more. Rosaries are also donated to the poor in Cincinnati, as well as made for First Communion, Christmas, and RCIA. To learn more about this ministry, click here.

St. Vincent de Paul

This ministry works hard to assist the poor and those facing financial difficulties within the parish as well as the local community. They give out food to families as well as provide materials to help people with the basic needs of life. To learn more about this ministry, click here.