Who is a Christian Steward?

   The US Bishops Pastoral Letter on Stewardship tells us that a steward is one who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cultivates them responsiblyshares them lovingly and in justice, and returns them with increase to the Lord. 

A Way of Life?

  All is a gift from God: everything we are and have is freely given for our good.  We should return a portion of those goods (our time, talent and treasure) to God and His work through the church in gratitude for His abundant generosity.
  Stewardship is neither a secular term nor a code word for fund-raising.  It is a way of life – the wise use of all that we are and have, knowing that what we are and what we are becoming comes from God.
  As stewards, Christian living means that we view our resources of time, talent and treasure as gifts from God.  We do not “possess” or “own” these resources, but we are entrusted with them to nurture their growth and use them wisely.
  The way of life of stewardship means our resources must be used to reach out to others and build God’s Kingdom of love, justice and peace.