What is GPS?  GPS stands for Global Positioning System.  Maybe we can consider it as a GOD Positioning System?!

GPS has become a theme we have all come to associate with directions and guidance.  All the things that are going on here at St. Ann and in the Beacons of Light process are about creating the roadways, avenues, and vehicles to invite, involve and engage people in their journey to a closer relationship with our Lord  We invite everyone to take part in the many formation, social, family and learning opportunities that we now provide via Mass+… and other formation offerings.

GPS is an element of our engagement process.  We will continue to invite you and your input to develop our direction, our vision, that creates opportunities to invite and involve people in our mission.  Our mission statement is:

“To know, love and serve the Lord in this life and

 to be happy with him in the next.”

At St. Ann GPS is the guidance system to fulfill our mission and vision:

Generosity – the giving of our time, talents and treasure.  We, as good Stewards of our God given gifts, are called to share all that we have with each other and live life with an attitude of gratitude.

Prayer – the center of all we do.  A talent we all possess and it just takes time, dedicated time each day, to share and maybe more importantly, listen to the Lord.

“My secret is simple, I pray” - St. Teresa of Calcutta


Service – to the Lord and others as we are commissioned and commanded to do.

Many of the readings, gospels and homilies during the Advent and Christmas seasons deal with a journey.  The journey of the Jews, the journey of Mary & Joseph, the journey of the birth of our Lord, the journey of the Magi.  As we journey thru this Lenten season, we reflect on the journey of Christ defeating the devil in the desert, his life and ultimately to his crucifixion to save our souls.  We too are on a journey, a journey into that deeper, personal relationship with Jesus.

Where are you in your journey?  Are you at a crossroads in your faith and don’t know which way to go?  Are you looking to get someone back on the road leading to Jesus? Are you simply looking to take your journey to the next level?  The road can be quite bumpy, scary or confusing if you don’t have that guidance system in place.  St. Ann is committed to providing that GPS for your personal journey.  What makes St. Ann the place to be?  We are committed to meet people where they are at in their journey and leading them to God.  We are building those roads and avenues by providing the opportunities to grow in your faith, learn more about the genius of Catholicism and provide you opportunities to do what you do best.  St. Ann is a place where you are a valued part of everything we do.  A place of truth, faith and prayer.

That annoying voice from your Mobile GPS says “Recalculating” when you have made a wrong turn or gone off course – “in 50 feet, turn around”. How we hate hearing those words! Even to the point of yelling at the GPS unit. But in our life, those same words delivered by Jesus have a totally different meaning and feeling. The truth is, he died to give us a chance to recalculate, to correct that wrong turn we took somewhere along the way. His death and resurrection gave us almost unlimited chances to turn around and get back on the path toward Salvation. What a sacrifice he made for us.

Jesus speaks to us in this way all the time, if we only listen. In the classroom of silence, exposition, at work – prayer.

“You have arrived at your destination” is that voice, that phrase, that brings comfort and peace to us. Finding that comfort and peace in developing that deep personal relationship with Christ is our ultimate destination. That feeling when you have made a difference in someone’s life thru your act of kindness or service. The feeling when you have given yourself to our Lord.  St. Ann is that destination you have been longing for.  Come and get to know the Lord here.