Gift of Time

Everyone’s time is limited, thus giving up your time for something new can be a real sacrifice. It can be overwhelming sometimes just to find time to be with those you care for most. Being a steward of time, though, requires you to decide what is important and make time for your priorities.

God calls each of us to make time each day to worship Him which can include participation in Mass or Devotionals. Praying on a regular basis can help give you a greater sense of peace, a fuller appreciation for the gift of life, and a greater sense of gratitude for all that we have. Prayer is also vital to strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

Plan your time: For a week, chart how you use your time. Be honest, brutal even! How much time is used well? How much time are you needlessly wasting? If how you use time is a reflection of what is important, what does your current use of time say about that? What should change? What needs time that is currently not part of your daily or weekly life? How will you plan time in the future to reflect your priorities?

Make time for prayer and other areas to grow in your relationship with Christ. Here are some of the ways you can do that today:


Finding time for your parish life is also a way of thanking God for his gifts as well. Our parish is God’s community, and he provides for his community by working through us. We hope you can take some additional time to consider the many activities and ministries available at St. Ann’s. Participation is a use of your time that can enhance your life as well as the community of Christ.