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Thank you Diana Reckner for your years of service

On December 31, 2019 Diana Reckner officially retired after 27 years of dedicated service as our parish secretary. Many parishioners and staff were present at the Holy Family breakfast to wish her well and to thank her personally for being a great asset to us all over these many years. Diana humbly expressed gratitude to … Continued


Father McCarthy reminded us in one of his recent sermons that as the Christmas season closes, Easter and Lent are not far behind. It tests the limit of our faith to fathom that Jesus, who is God, became human, lived among us and provided us the Eucharist to stay among us. The Eucharist is Jesus … Continued

A Message from Father McCarthy…

A Message from Father McCarthy that he shared in our February newsletter…During the Vatican II Council, one of the major changes to occur was in the celebration of the Liturgy; it is still the same Mass, same rituals and special treasures, but presented in a different package. Yet a major problem with the Novus Ordo … Continued

Do you accept the “Good News” challenge?

Fr McCarthy discusses how we respond to the Good News in his Jan 12th Gospel. That is, if we accept the challenge. Listen in as he talks about how we as Catholics face the challenges together in our community of faith.

St. Michael Prayer

A reminder that beginning next week, the 2nd Sunday inOrdinary Time, we will say the St. Michael Prayer after the Closing Prayer and before the closing hymn. The prayer will be included in the worship aid. As Father McCarthy stated in last week’s bulletin, there is no doubt that evil has grown stronger over the years. We need protection from evil, we need to recognize … Continued

Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Saint Matthew’s story of the baptism of Jesus is an appropriate scripture reading to reflect on our own baptism. Jesus’ baptism has been understood as a symbol of His death. Baptism is the sacrament by which we die to an old life of sin and enter a new life of grace. We “put on Christ.” To be … Continued