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The Pavilion is underway…

The Pavilion is under construction… Tim  Clifford, our Stewardship and Development Director, started a program last year to get your feedback on those challenges and one of the results was our Pavilion Project! We are looking to the future and this project is a result of our first convocation to give our youth and young … Continued

Family Praying the Rosary

We’ve all heard, “the family that prays together stays together,” but how do we put that plan in motion? Most families say Grace before meals, but what else can we do? Consider saying a Rosary. The Rosary is a wonderful way to ask for God’s help and Mary’s intercession. You may find it difficult to … Continued


May I take this opportunity to thank Fr. McCarthy, my big brother and friend. I have shared rectories with other priests, but have yet to meet one like Fr. McCarthy. He is a character! He is always joyful and will do anything for a fellow human being. He has a lot of dedication and conviction. … Continued

STEWARDSHIP AND PUBLIC LIFE: Bringing the Good News to all Creation

With the presidential election upon us, it is more important than ever for mature Catholics to be mindful of their responsibilities to exercise good stewardship over their neighborhoods, communities and society by participation in the public life of our country. Jesus said that we, his disciples, are the light of the world. We must not … Continued

Respect Life Sunday, October 4th

Throughout the world the Church celebrates Respect Life Sunday, although as Catholics we are called by Christ to respect human life every day. The basis of the Church’s teaching on life is rooted throughout Scripture, especially in the very beginning of the book of Genesis. The Trinity chose to create life, “Let us make man in … Continued