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Keeping the Vision Alive

As a staff, we discern what to communicate, when and how, including invitations to deepen commitment to Christ and to living and growing as stewards. Stewardship operates on two levels: individual and communal. While we, as leaders, focus much of our attention on communicating the stewardship message to parishioners on a very personal level, we are also attentive … Continued

We are ready to help you with an array of parish services.

We are ready to help you with an array of parish services. Stop in for everything from selecting a new rosary to registering as a new parishioner to providing information on an upcoming event. The Hospitality Room is conveniently located just outside the church doors in Room 1 of the school hall. The Hospitality Room is now open more often … Continued

“Solve the Challenges”

Last week we put out an open invitation to join our Implementation Teams. These 4 Teams worked together to solve the challenges that were identified at our last Parish Convocation. The current teams have been instrumental in addressing many areas of our Parish. There will be a meeting for current and prospective new members on September 25 at … Continued

Qualified Charititable Distribution – An EFFECTIVE Tax Planning Tool

Now that we have all lived through one tax filing season under the new tax law changes, it’s time to once again reemphasize the effectiveness of utilizing your IRA distributions as the preferred vehicle to make your 2019 charitable contributions. The dramatic increase in the standard deduction likely lessened the number of taxpayers who were able to itemize … Continued

The “Andrew Dinner” with Archbishop Schnurr for high school and college men thinking about the priesthood

If you have a son in high school or college who may be interested in the priesthood, please register him for the Andrew Dinner with Archbishop Schnurr at Corpus Christi church on Wednesday, September 18th. St. Andrew was the first of the Apostles to hear Jesus’ call to follow Him and also brought his brother, Peter, to meet Jesus. The Andrew Dinner is … Continued

A strategy to bring our youth back to the church

“When I went off to college, I went to Mass for the first couple of months. Then I just sort of stopped going. It didn’t take long. By the end of my first semester I was totally away.” Does this sound like someone you know? Wish your child or someone you love would return to the Church? You … Continued