The number one challenge that every church faces today is how do we get our young families and youth involved in the life of the parish. St. Ann is no different. During our Engagement Process, this challenge was identified as our greatest challenge by a wide margin.

The reality of this challenge is that the Parish used to be the center of all activities 25 years ago and before, and it was not an issue. In the 2000’s, there became a ton of other alternatives that took the focus of a Catholic family away from the Parish. Some major changes that effected families, are that both parents are working, select sports teams took over for community teams, Catholic Education was starting to get expensive and many more factors.

As we investigated this challenge, we discovered one common request from our youth and young families – “we need a place that we can call ours and be able to do stuff.” The Pavilion Project is that place here at St. Ann. This project would include a 40 X 60 covered pavilion with a concession area and seating, a sand volleyball court and a large fire pit area.

The initial building of the pavilion cost $50,000. We are looking to have parishioners donate the remainder and give us that place for our youth and young families. For more information or if you wish to donate toward this much needed facility, please contact Tim Clifford at 521-8440 or


A generous benefactor and several Parishioners have provided a wonderful opportunity for all of us who care about our faith and keeping St. Ann a viable, inviting parish.

A Matching Gift Challenge has been established to help fund the building of the Pavilion Project. The gift is for $30,000!  This challenge gift is little more than half of the pavilion construction cost.

Thanks to this Matching Gift Challenge, anyone who makes a gift or a pledge to this project between now and March 15, will have their donation matched…dollar for dollar…up to $30,000. That’s a total impact of $60,000!
This means if you make a gift of $100 (as an example) it will be matched and be worth $200. And if you make a gift of $500 it too will be matched dollar for dollar and be like a $1000 gift. Indeed, any gift you give, no matter how large or small, will be matched and worth double.