What is Mass+…Mass+… is our vision of the Sunday Experience. It is a time to better serve God and one another, to grow in holiness, to proclaim the Good News, and to foster community within and outside the parish. Our Mass+… program happens between the 9:00 A.M. and 11:30 A.M Masses. This allows an hour and 15 minutes between Mass times to participate in activities and events as simple as breakfast, in a ministry or in faith formation. We also offer babysitting and youth programs during this time to allow parents to be more fully engaged.

Babysitting has returned.  Children are ALWAYS welcome and we encourage families to attend Mass together. This program allows parents to drop off their young children, infants to 5 years, so they can attend Mass without distraction, if they so choose. All adult babysitters are Safe-Parish (formerly known as VIRTUS) trained. Check by the hospitality room for more details on this program.

The theme for this season of Mass+… will focus on Eucharistic Miracles. We will offer a variety of presentations and outside speakers. Make sure to check out the displays in the Gathering Space and Trinity Rooms depicting these miracles throughout the year.

Our Eucharistic Miracle for October:

Every day, on the altars of Catholic churches around the world, the greatest miracle possible takes place: the transformation of bread and wine into the true Body and Blood of Christ.  Nonetheless, when we receive Communion, we can only touch its true nature with our faith, because our senses only perceive bread and wine, physically unaltered by the consecration.

What are the implications, then, of the Eucharistic event in Sokolka, Poland? “The Sokolka event is not opposed to the faith of the Church; rather, it confirms it. The Church professes that, after the words of consecration, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the bread is transformed into the Body of Christ, and the wine into His Blood. Additionally, this is an invitation for all ministers of the Eucharist to distribute the Body of the Lord with faith and care, and for the faithful to receive Him with adoration.”

Look for the displays in the Gathering Space and the Trinity Room to read more about the Sokolka Miracle!

Upcoming Mass+… Events

October 24:  History of the Priesthood

Make sure to attend as Father McCarthy hosts a talk on the priesthood: Old Testament, New Testament and Now. He will expand on the Biblical roots as well as the virtue of this vocation.  

October 31:  History of All Saints and All Souls Day

Our Deacon Candidate, Doug Moore, will present a talk on the history of All Saints and All Souls feast days. 

November 7:  Veteran’s Day Breakfast

We are looking forward to hosting a parish breakfast in honor of our service men and women. Breakfast will consist of Perkins pancakes, sausage links, orange juice, hot and iced coffee. Our choir will also be present to sing a couple of patriotic hymns.  Breakfast will be served immediately following the 9am Mass until 11:00am.  



Mass+… Presentations

The Beatitudes. Presented by Doug Moore


The Search… What are you looking for? Presented by Father McCarthy

What does it mean to be Catholic? presented by Father McCarthy

Assumption of Mary. Presented by Father McCarthy

Staying Connected: Saint Ann is there for you across different media platforms. Presented by Tim Clifford.