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How is the Lord calling you?

Growing up we are encouraged by parents, family, teachers, and friends to consider what we want to be when we grow-up. Thus, we spend a lot of our time asking ourselves “what do I want to be” and discerning the best career path to take. Less frequently, do people ask the most important of all question – “What does God want me to do!” It is God who knows us best and what will satisfy the longings of our hearts, after-all He created us. He has given us each unique gifts and talents, and to utilize them best it means following the path He laid down for us from the time He created us. God desires our ultimate happiness and responding to the vocation He has choose for us is how we will best obtain it. Each person should consider all three as an option, for if one doesn’t discern all three, he/she will just falls into one them. But, our vocation is far too important, just to fall into it by default. Learn more about each vocation by click on the heading below.


Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Cincinnati Vocations Office

Prayer for Vocations:
Almighty Father, You have created us for some definite purpose. Grant us the grace to know the path You have planned for us in this life and to respond with a generous “Yes.” Make our archdiocese, parishes, homes, and hearts fruitful ground for Your gift of vocations. May our young people respond to Your call with courage and zeal. Stir among our men a desire and the strength to be good and holy priests. Bless us with the consecrated religious, and those called to a chaste single life, permanent deacons and faithful husbands and wives, who are a sign of Christ’s love for His church. We commend our prayer for vocations to You, Father, with the intercession of Mary our Mother, in the Holy Spirit, through Christ our Lord. Amen. – Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr