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In today’s Gospel, we hear that a number of Jesus’ followers left Him because his message was too difficult for them to accept. In essence, they did not believe in Him. He then asked the Twelve if they wished to leave as well. Peter responds by making a profound profession of faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Twelve made a choice and stood by their choice, remaining loyal to their commitment to Jesus. A good question for our reflection might be this: Are we satisfied with the stewardship we exercise over our baptismal commitment? Are we just “along for the ride?” Are we keeping Christ in front of us as we make decisions about our daily activities, our relationships, our parish, issues in the workplace, issues such as peace and justice? What is the quality of our own stewardship? Are we committed to a building or to the Lord’s word and sacrifice? As we embark on the journey that is “The Beacon of Light,” we need to keep asking ourselves those questions. We know that many of us are going to be discouraged or even mad once the new “Family” of parishes are named. But we have to realize that after the initial unsettling of a possible new church location, we have the opportunity for bigger and more plentiful opportunities to live out our lives as Good Stewards. Being in a full church and praising the Lord with a resounding voice in response and raising our voices in songs of praise will only be enhanced. Let’s make sure that we, the parishioners of St. Ann, lead the way during this transition to an even more vibrant church.