Advent: Exercising Good Stewardship of Our Spiritual Lives

When you say the word “Advent,” what immediately pops into mind? A feast of color, a traditional manger scene bathed in soft candlelight, glistening snowflakes falling on festive trees, a yearning for the One who is to come. But sometimes, the season brings other images: crowded stores, treats that tempt us to too many calories, … Continued

Transform Thanksgiving this Year

Very soon Americans will celebrate the Thanksgiving holidays. Even during these uncertain times, we will have the urge to gather for sumptuous meals highlighted by turkey and pumpkin pie, traveling to and from the ancestral home, enjoying family, feasting on leftovers and perhaps even watching football. For many of us, Thanksgiving Day is so full … Continued

Stewardship of Time

Time – we all have it. How we choose to use our time is a completely different matter. Family, work, school, sports, leisure, faith and on and on. The demands on our time is never-ending. Life gets in the way and messes up our “schedule.” We cannot control many of those life events, but how … Continued

Thank You! for your help in cleaning the Prayer Walk

Thanks to all those who organized and helped clean up the Prayer Walk and grotto last Saturday. We had about 12 workers, and they did a fantastic job. The Prayer Walk is used by many Catholics in our area, and we are grateful to all who gave a few hours to make sure this space … Continued