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This past weekend it was announced that Fr. McCarthy would be leaving St. Ann. We are saddened at his leaving since he has brought the truth to us over the many years in the form of his wonderful homilies, formation, and council. You have told us on staff, many times, how much you have learned from Fr. McCarthy about our Catholic faith which has enabled all of us to deepen our spiritual life and grown into a deeper, personal relationship with our Lord. He will be missed! See the source image

Fr. Jim Wedig is our new Parish Family Pastor. His Parochial Vicars (Associates) are Fr. Bryan Reif, Fr. Reynaldo Taylor, and Fr. Roberto Reyes (Hispanic Community). The four parishes in our family will be working together with Fr. Wedig and his Associates over the next months leading up to July 1, when they will be officially in place.

Many, many things will have to be worked out as we move thru this transition. There are very few answers at this time for the many areas that must be looked at. We, as a Family of Parishes, will communicate as we address the questions, as we move forward in this process to strengthen our parish communities. Patience will be needed.

Remember, these assignments do not take place until July 1. Many of you and the Parish Councils and Finance Councils will be very involved over the next several months.