Fr McCarthy Sunday homily: Experience the Holy Trinity.

Fr McCarthy recognizes the Trinity is at the heart of who we are as Catholics and is an opportunity to form a close relationship with God. Listen in as he talks about how our relationship with God can be inspirng simply because others will see it in us and want to be a part of … Continued

Deacon Ethan Sunday Homily: Do we believe in the Love of God?

Listen in to Deacon Ethan’s Sunday Homily. He reminds us love is special and in its everlasting meaning is deep in our hearts – like Jesus’ love for us. Click the link below to hear him speak – the future of our church is very bright.

Fr McCarthy Sunday homily: We grow in faith or die on the vine.

Scripture readings are full of stories, metaphors and parables to help instruct us. Fr McCarthy took full advantage of the opportunity to expand on these stories that compare people growing in faith and closeness to God to gardens and plants. His homily seemed especially appropriate for this time of the year as we experience the … Continued

Fr McCarthy Sunday homily: Do you believe in the resurrection?

We are constantly challenged to understand the reasons Christ died by crucifixion and the meaning of his resurrection. As Father McCarthy points out in his homily, it was even difficult for his Apostles and disciples to understand. Father McCarthy goes on to explain, though, what a wondrous gift it was that demands from us our … Continued