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Many of you have seen or heard about the Colerain Township post on Facebook showing the proposed plan for the Groesbeck area.  The plan shows a new firehouse on our property.  We want to clarify that this is a proposal from an outside consulting company to the Colerain Township Trustees. It is not a final approved plan. There has been no conversation regarding this plan with St. Ann Parish or the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

With the advent of Beacons of Light and the formation of Families of Parishes, the draft plan from the township’s consultants naturally creates anxiety and consternation among parishioners and school parents. Let me assure you, no decision has been made about the future of St. Ann or any other campus in our Family of Parishes.  We will together be discerning over the next five years how to best utilize our collective resources to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples.  This process, as you know, just began on July 1. We are hardly underway at this point!

We have spoken with a Township represenative who assures that this is not a final plan.