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You will be receiving a final report for our Increased Offertory Program in the mail in the near future. We thank everyone who considered and the many who did increase their giving to the parish.

As a part of that process, many people asked if there were “special needs” or projects that they could contribute to in addition to their regular offertory. As you can see by Fr. McCarthy’s article in this bulletin, there are several. We also want to keep you informed of other opportunities for a designated gift toward our Parish Wish List. Two areas we could use help with are:

  • The Pavilion Project – at the 65th Anniversary Dinner we introduced plans to develop the grass area behind the school. A 60’ X 40’ covered pavilion, sand volleyball court and fire pit area for socials, youth activities, family events, cook outs… The total project cost is approximately $75K.
  • The cost of the Legacy Garden area will run around $10K and another $10K for the removal of the
    pavers and cement work for the entrance to the Gathering Space.
  • The drywall project in church is estimated at $11K.

If you want more information or are interested in donating to one of these projects,

Contact Tim Clifford at the Parish Office – 521-8440 ext. 115 or tclifford@saintannparish.org.