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First off – thank you all for your continued generosity in support of the parish and our mission to know, love, and serve the
Lord in this life and to spend eternity with Him in the next. Our parish operates much like your household – we have to pay
for the daily services and maintenance that make this parish your second home.

As Father McCarthy mentioned in his annual addresses, the Sunday collections of the parish have been tracking much in line
with the decline of the attendance. The drop in our Mass attendance has, in some part, motivated us to move to the Mass+
model for our Sunday schedule.

The good news is that we have added 100 new families to the parish over the past year. But the downside is that a number of
our giving families have decreased their contributions, which is a bit inconsistent with the good news of the economy and the
positive changes that have been implemented within the parish.

We ask that you prayerfully consider your donations to St. Ann, and pray also for the success of the Mass+ initiative to bring
more of our parishioners to a closer relationship with the Lord and their parish community!