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What is the Neighborhood Network (NN) you ask? It is a ministry that we were planning on rolling out last Spring but then the pandemic took over. The planning never stopped and it is a ministry that we wish we had in place before everything shut down. The NN is about taking care of our communities, reaching out, sharing our gifts and being good Catholics. We have identified 12 Neighborhoods that make up the areas around St. Ann and where most of our parishioners live. One thing we know is that these 12 Neighborhoods do not come close to covering all the areas where are parishioners live. Those areas will be addressed in the future. The purpose of NN is to first identify and contact all of our parishioners to see how they are doing, anything they need and generally let them know we are here for them. Now your thinking, how can we do that during this pandemic? Easily, practicing safe distancing to have a conversation, leaving door hangers with information or just a small gift or some cookies, just let people know we are here for them. No, we are not asking anyone to get outside their comfort zone or asking anyone to jump thru hoops. Come to the Mass+… presentation today to find out more or check it out on the website.