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Fidelity found that Americans have the same top three resolutions for the 10th year in a row:

1. Save more (48%) 2. Pay down debt (29%) 3. Spend less (15%).

¨ If you wanted to lose weight, you’d consume less food and exercise more. Similarly, achieving financial fitness means reducing your spending and bulking up your savings. Developing a written budget and making sure every dollar has a purpose is one of the best ways to get your spending under control.”

¨ Next, work on fixing poor day-to-day spending behaviors and habits, such as impulse buys, paying unnecessary fees, or shelling out money for services and subscriptions you don’t use.”

¨ The flip side to curbing your spending is building up your savings. Again, start small. Pick a number that’s doable so you can hit your savings goal even if you get hit with a large and unexpected expense during that month. As your savings account (and your confidence) grows, review it monthly.”

¨ Implementing no-spend days or weeks — along with putting yourself on a cash diet for certain categories such as groceries,
dining out, and entertainment — are also great ways to control your spending and save additional cash.”

Make 2019 a year of savings increase and debt/spending decrease!