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Time – we all have it. How we choose to use our time is a completely different matter. Family, work, school, sports, leisure, faith and on and on. The demands on our time is never-ending. Life gets in the way and messes up our “schedule.” We cannot control many of those life events, but how we react to those life events is something we do have control over. That is why it is so important to have that set time for prayer in our daily life. Set your time for the Classroom of Silence to start your day with that cup of coffee before any distractions get in the way. Or, before you lie down at the end of the day to offer up all the things from the day and to remember to pray for others that you encountered during your day that need some help. In Fr. McCarthy’s excellent homily on Saints last weekend, he pointed out that we are all created in God’s image and we are all eligible for Sainthood. Saints and saints, we are all just ordinary people following Christ’s example. That relationship with Christ that we obtain through prayer and action is what allows us to Know, Love and Serve the Lord in this life to be with Him forever in the next. So YES, we all can be saints, and how we choose to be stewards of our time is one major factor.