Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the “Express Novena” by John Young

…I was also extremely blessed to meet Mother Teresa on several occasions. On one occasion, I had the opportunity to repair her rosary, which had broken in two. Presumably from so much use. On another occasion I was able to sit alone with her in the chapel for about 15 minutes. We conversed about my vocation and … Continued

We’re All Dry Bones

After the death and resurrection, the Apostles, the men who walked with Jesuss, were afraid and locked themselves in the Upper Room. I cannot help but think this is where most of us are in our spiritual lives. The Apostles were not meant to stay here. We are not meant to stay here. What occurred … Continued

Tim’s Topics: Gift of Time

Everyone’s time is limited, so giving up your time for something “new” can be a real sacrifice. It can be overwhelming sometimes just to find time to be with those you care for most. to be a good steward of time, though, requires you to decide what is important and make time for your priorities. … Continued

Be Inspired by God’s Love

God’s Love “God loves you.” Sound familiar? Very simply, this seemingly may have been the only thing you learned in Catholic grade school, but my question to you is, did you really learn it? Did this reality truly sink in? As Catholics we frequently assume this truth that “God loves us,” is already known by … Continued