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Domestic Church Traditions

The blessing of the home: Whether your domestic church is a house or an apartment, invite a priest to come to bless it, either when you first move in or at any time.

Devotions: Praying the Rosary is a popular     devotion for many Catholic families, who, through its mysteries, reflect on significant events in Scripture pertaining to Jesus and Mary. Wearing the brown scapular is a devotion whereby the person places himself or herself under the protection of the Blessed Mother.

Sacred images and sacramentals: A domestic church should be filled with sacred images and sacramentals. Holy pictures and crucifixes should be hung throughout. A holy water font can be placed by the front door in order to bless oneself with holy water and remind you of your baptism. Holy water should be regularly sprinkled throughout the home.

Celebrate Saint days: Celebrate your family’s patron saint days.

Follow the liturgical year: Families can pray the Liturgy of the Hours together.

Create family traditions: Enjoy regular dinners together, connecting as a family, sharing, and praying together. Incorporate a holy pilgrimage into the family vacation by visiting shrines.