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Guidelines and procedures seem to change on a daily or most definitely, a weekly basis.  We want to share with you the guidelines and procedures that will be in place upon our return to public Masses.  These guidelines and procedures will be updated in accordance with the instructions of both the governmental agencies/authorities and the Bishops of Ohio who determine the guidelines within the Church.

Effective immediately, and until further notice (from the Archbishop):

  • The Catholic faithful who reside in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and all other Catholics in the archdiocese continue to be dispensed from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass.
  • Those who are at risk or fearful that they or their family might become sick are encouraged to stay home and join the Church by viewing live-streamed
  • Public worship may begin in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati on Monday, May 25.
  • In all circumstances, appropriate social distancing and the regulations put forth by public health authorities should be

Guidelines being  observed at St. Ann:


Mass times are back to normal except for Memorial Day, Monday, May 25 will be at 8:30 a.m.

If you are sick or do not feel well, please, do not attend Mass for the sake of everyone’s health.

No hymnals.  Worship Aid will have prayers in it.

Mass will be a Quiet Mass.  As we re-open, there will not be congregational singing.  The Gloria, Responsorial Psalm, Angus Dei, and Sanctus will be recited.  Instrumental pieces and antiphons will be utilized during the Mass.

We have removed chairs from the church to make better spacing, so you do not have to climb over someone to get to a seat.  We will have designated rows for each Mass.  We ask that you observe the signs, listen to the ushers, and sit accordingly for the well-being of everyone.  There are no assigned seats.

Communion will look different.  Only the priest and seminarians will be distributing.  They will be bringing Communion to you at your seats.  No Communion lines.  Please remain at your seat.  No obligation to receive communion. 

  • If you choose to receive the Host by tongue – kneel, no mask.
  • If you choose to receive the Host in hand – no gloves & no mask, please stand as the distributor comes to you.
  • If you choose not to receive at all – stay seated.
  • For safety reasons, our priests prefer distributing on the tongue.

Masks are recommended during Mass but must be removed before receiving Communion.

Collection of the offertory will not take place during the Mass.  You will find baskets at each of the exit doors.  Please place your offering in the basket as you exit.

At dismissal, after the priest has exited, we will have the back of church exit first, and the ushers will dismiss by rows moving toward the first rows.  We encourage everyone to take their time dismissing and allow for proper spacing.  Spend a few extra minutes with the Lord.

As you dismiss, please take the worship aid that you used with you and put it in the designated baskets by the exits.  Take only yours and leave the other worship aids in place.

If you show up after Mass has started, you will be asked to move to the gym for a live viewing of the Mass.  Communion will be distributed in the gym.

Health & Well-Being

We have cleaned the carpets, restroom and Gathering Space surfaces and everything has been sanitized.  We will continue to do so.

Social Distancing stickers will be in place, especially for confession, which is back inside and for the Gathering Space restroom.

We have sanitizing stations in the Gathering Space.

Bulletins will only be available after Mass and the Greeters/Ushers will hand them out.  The Holy Water fonts will be empty.  They may have sanitizer in them and will be clearly marked if so.

The Gathering Space is a “Non-Gathering Space” for now.  Please continue thru the Gathering Space and outside as quickly as possible to allow for proper distancing.  Please do not linger.

Please observe Social Distancing even in the parking lots.


Ministry meetings are suspended until September.  Please contact Tim Clifford to discuss meetings.

Outside group meetings are suspended until September and possibly longer.

Funerals will take place with no visitation or receptions at St. Ann until further notice.  Contact the office at 521-8440 for arrangements.

As we get new instructions, we will update you on the transition into Phase 2 of what will take place here.  We do not have a timeline for Phase 2 currently.

It is extremely important that we display both the patience and kindness of our Lord during this time and not forget why we are here. 

Please follow the instructions and directions of the volunteers who are assisting all of us for our benefit and well-being.