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Father John arrived in Cincinnati on August 10 from Zimbabwe. So far, he has been to a Reds game (we won!), gotten a cell phone and a car, enjoyed Skyline and Graeter’s ice cream, and spent time with Deacon Andrew and our seminarians, Brodie and Jacob. He is
getting familiar with driving in the U.S. and is learning his way to the seminary. Father John has agreed to say morning Mass and hear Confessions on second and fourth Saturdays, and on Monday evenings when called upon. Father John will be in residence here at St. Ann for two years.

Some of you have already met Father Tom Wray, who will be the temporary administrator of St. Ann parish. With a few exceptions, Father Wray will be saying weekend Masses, as well as Confession and Mass on Mondays. You may see him around campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Father Wray will be here until the end of November, when Father McCarthy returns home.