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GPS – The Increased Offertory Thank you for celebrating Commitment Sunday with us this weekend. Your commitment to our parish through the Increased Offertory Program of the GPS initiative will continue to bring life to our community. If completing your commitment card was not possible at Mass, an invitation to respond will be mailed later this week to your home. Please return your Commitment Card to the office this week or in next week’s collection. If you have not yet done so, join the many others and give your gift online through our electronic giving program. Please call the parish office at 521-8440 with any questions.

GPS – Generosity Prayer Service is more than just this ask to consider increasing your giving. The ask is one little portion of how we are called to be Generous. Each of us need to prayerfully consider how we can give. Some can increase their financial gift, some cannot. That is between you and God. If you find that you cannot increase your financial gift then consider how you use your time and talents. We have many new opportunities to be involved here at St. Ann.

We want you to consider what it is that you are passionate about? What fills you with joy when you are doing it? That is your strength and that is where you can offer your time and hopefully somehow bring that passion and time to something to share through St. Ann and for the community. If you want to explore the opportunities to give of your strengths, talents and time, please contact us at the office – 521-8440 or stop by the Hospitality Room during Mass+… and talk to Cindy.