We applaud the following St. Ann High School Honor Roll students

We applaud the following St. Ann High School Honor Roll students: LaSalle 4th Quarter: Noah Blessing, Jeremy Boggess, Alex Braun, Anthony D’Amica, Garrett Hasson, Johnathon Kroger, Joseph Kroger, Justin Petrocelli, Kean Schnieber, Joshua Shaw, Logan Tabor, and Thomas Williams St. Xavier 2nd Semester: Alexander Baier, Nathan Baier, John Reid III, Jeremy Roenker, Eric Ruter, and Zachary Spears. McAuley 2md Semester: Kristiana Bourbeau, … Continued


SAVE THE DATES FOR UPCOMING FAITH FORMATION EVENTS: Genesis to Jesus: Thu., June 6 | 7:00 pm | Trinity Rooms Lectio: Philippians: Mon., June 10 | 7:30pm | Trinity Rooms Genesis to Jesus: Thu., June 13 | 7:00pm | Trinity Rooms Lectio: Philippians: Mon., June 17 | 7:30pm | Trinity Rooms Genesis to Jesus: Thu., June 20 | 7:00pm | Trinity … Continued

What are the Theological Virtues?

Why does St. Paul say that love (charity) is the greatest? The Holy Apostle teaches this truth, because when we get to heaven, faith and hope will cease. Since faith is belief and trust in the unseen, faith will no longer be necessary, because in heaven we will see and possess God! Hope ends, because by being in heaven we can no longer desire what … Continued

Do you know the significance of holy Thursday, Mass at 7:00 pm

Holy Thursday is the commemoration of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ, when he established the sacrament of Holy Communion prior to his arrest and crucifixion. Jesus celebrated the dinner as a Passover feast. Christ would fulfill His role as the Christian victim of the Passover for all to be saved by His final sacrifice. The central … Continued

Spend Less and Save More in 2019

Fidelity found that Americans have the same top three resolutions for the 10th year in a row: 1. Save more (48%) 2. Pay down debt (29%) 3. Spend less (15%). ¨ If you wanted to lose weight, you’d consume less food and exercise more. Similarly, achieving financial fitness means reducing your spending and bulking up your … Continued

Preparing for Easter; a letter from Saint Pope John Paul II

Copied from : Catholic Online Lent: “A Time to ‘Come to the Light’” VATICAN CITY, MARCH 7, 2005 (Zenit) – Here is the address read on behalf of John Paul II Sunday before the midday Angelus at St. Peter’s Square. Archbishop Leonardo Sandri, substitute of the Vatican Secretariat of State, read the text. * * … Continued

Did you know . . . that faith, hope, and love are “theological virtues”

…that faith, hope, and love are “theological virtues” derived from St. Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians? Faith, the first of these, is used to mean “belief” in John’s Gospel, and St. Paul often uses it this way, too. But in English, where belief is a sort of “hanging on,” faith is a clear “letting go.” Hope is the second virtue. … Continued