Upcoming Religious Education Classes

Back to school is rapidly approaching. Are your children signed up for Religious Education classes? Classes will begin on September 13. Catholic formation classes are available for children in 1st through 8th grades. Classes take place on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm in the classrooms near the Trinity Rooms. We will be using the online curriculum … Continued

Fr McCarthy Tuesday Morning McChats, learning more about your faith

Our church beliefs can lead to many questions. Questions that may extend beyond Fr McCarthy’s homilies. So, he is dedicating his Tuesday morning after Mass to answering your questions. He calls this time “McChats” and you can click on the photo below to hear this weeks answers.

St. Joseph Consecration

Our Consecration to St. Joseph program will begin on Monday evening, February 15. Our Church and our world are at a time where a greater reliance on the intercession of St. Joseph will bring to the forefront the role a man should serve in the home, the parish, and the world. This program is targeted … Continued

STEWARDSHIP AND PUBLIC LIFE: Bringing the Good News to all Creation

With the presidential election upon us, it is more important than ever for mature Catholics to be mindful of their responsibilities to exercise good stewardship over their neighborhoods, communities and society by participation in the public life of our country. Jesus said that we, his disciples, are the light of the world. We must not … Continued

Respect Life Sunday, October 4th

Throughout the world the Church celebrates Respect Life Sunday, although as Catholics we are called by Christ to respect human life every day. The basis of the Church’s teaching on life is rooted throughout Scripture, especially in the very beginning of the book of Genesis. The Trinity chose to create life, “Let us make man in … Continued

Everything You Need To Stay Connected in the Palm of Your Hand!

We live in a time where information is instantaneous. “What’s the name of that song?”, Siri or Shazam can tell you in a few seconds. Our smart phones have more apps and programs than we probably imagine and certainly more than we utilize. If you haven’t already downloaded our Parish App to your phone, we … Continued

Visit Formed.org this Advent

Today we begin a new church year! During this time of preparing our hearts, many of us are looking for ways to enter into this season of Advent. Consider taking part in the daily reflections offered on Formed.org. In addition to daily reflections, there are movies and documentaries which will help you make this season more meaningful. Some … Continued

A Catholic education is a transformative education

A Catholic education is a transformative education, one that helps students grow in mind, heart, and spirit. The lasting gift of a Catholic education provides a strong foundation for the development of a lifetime devotion to service and learning and is truly one of the greatest legacies we can offer to our students. Through the generosity of families … Continued