Thank You! for your help in cleaning the Prayer Walk

Thanks to all those who organized and helped clean up the Prayer Walk and grotto last Saturday. We had about 12 workers, and they did a fantastic job. The Prayer Walk is used by many Catholics in our area, and we are grateful to all who gave a few hours to make sure this space … Continued

The Pavilion is underway…

The Pavilion is under construction… Tim  Clifford, our Stewardship and Development Director, started a program last year to get your feedback on those challenges and one of the results was our Pavilion Project! We are looking to the future and this project is a result of our first convocation to give our youth and young … Continued


May I take this opportunity to thank Fr. McCarthy, my big brother and friend. I have shared rectories with other priests, but have yet to meet one like Fr. McCarthy. He is a character! He is always joyful and will do anything for a fellow human being. He has a lot of dedication and conviction. … Continued

Father McCarthy farewell to Father John

Father McCarthy was very appreciative of the time Fr. John stayed at the rectory during his time at the seminary. Fr. McCarthy expressed that sentiment as well as a good bye to  a “Brother in Christ”.      

Animal Blessing this Saturday…

In remembrance of the love St. Francis of Assisi felt for all God’s creatures, St. Ann will have an animal blessing on Saturday, October 3, at 10:00 a.m. in the upper parking lot. Hope to you see you and furry friends there!

Formation in Discipleship and Stewardship:

There is a cyclical nature to formation that leads to discipleship and stewardship: the more we embrace our baptismal call to follow Christ as disciples, the more we are likely to respond as stewards. The more we challenge ourselves to be good stewards, the more likely we are to realize how our faith affects all … Continued

Raffle Baskets

The Grand Basket Raffle (just like those at the Chicken Dinner) will be on display OUTSIDE this weekend, September 5-6 and again next weekend, September 12-13. Listed below are the themes of the 10 baskets in the Grand Basket Raffle. Each Basket has a minimum value of $200.00. 1. Viewing Pleasure (55” TV & 3D … Continued

Daily Raffle ~ New Look for 2021

After a decline in participation in the Daily Raffle Fundraiser over the past few years, we are changing the program for 2021. We kept everything you love about the fundraiser. The least amount you can win is $100.00! You can still win multiple times, as ALL tickets are eligible for EVERY drawing! There will be … Continued