Respect Life Sunday, October 4th

Throughout the world the Church celebrates Respect Life Sunday, although as Catholics we are called by Christ to respect human life every day. The basis of the Church’s teaching on life is rooted throughout Scripture, especially in the very beginning of the book of Genesis. The Trinity chose to create life, “Let us make man in … Continued

The Feast of the Assumption is this Saturday, August 15

We mentioned August the Catholic church remembers the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is often pictured as being pierced by a sword, just as the Sacred Heart of Jesus is often pictured as being surrounded by a crown of thorns. In harkening back to the early life of Mary, we are … Continued

Fr McCarthy Sunday Homily: Look for Jesus during the storms in our lives.

This past week Fr McCarthy started his weekly homily talking about how “freaked out” the apostles must have felt when Jesus approached them in the storm walking on water. Then pointed out, how re-assuring it must have been to know Jesus will be there. Listen in to his homily by clicking below:

Fr McCarthy Sunday Homily: St Ann, our patron saint, hear our prayers.

Father McCarthy this past Sunday honored the grandparents of Jesus, St. Ann and St Joachim, emphasizing their role and our roles today in the lives of children and grandchildren. As Father McCarthy commented, “Can you imagine how Mary may have reacted if her parents did not install a faith in God in her?”