Fr Wray discusses this week at Mass+ his family’s conversion to Catholicism

Father McCarthy this past weekend in his homily explained that Lent is about conversion, bringing ourselves closer to Jesus. Father Wray at Mass+ this weekend will discuss his conversion int the Catholic faith. You may remember when Father Wray filled in for Father McCarthy during his sabbatical. Did you know Father Thomas Wray served 20 … Continued

Parish Reconciliation Service ~ March 27

On Wednesday, March 27, we will have our Parish Reconciliation Service at 7:00 p.m. In addition to Father McCarthy and Father John, we will also have six archdiocesan priests available for Confession that evening in the church, including one bi-lingual priest for our non-English speaking Hispanic parishioners. Our second graders will be making their First Reconciliation this evening.  

A Message about reconciliation from Archbishop Schnurr during this season of Lent

Every parish or pastoral region in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will be open for reconciliation and quiet prayer from 7pm – 9pm. Join us … and invite a friend or family member who has been away from the sacrament to come with you. ************************************************************************************************************ Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, The light of the confessional is … Continued

Be Restored by God’s Mercy

(Printed from: Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession provides the Church’s teaching about the sacrament of Confession, including a practical “walk through” of what happens in the confessional and how every moment connects to Scripture, Catholic Tradition and God’s passionate desire to be with you. Every Friday, February 23rd though March 30th immediately after Stations … Continued