This past weekend it was announced that Fr. McCarthy would be leaving St. Ann. We are saddened at his leaving since he has brought the truth to us over the many years in the form of his wonderful homilies, formation, and council. You have told us on staff, many times, how much you have learned … Continued

A Stewardship Message From The Upper Room by Tim Clifford

The Upper Room in Scripture has always held a very sacred place in Catholics’ hearts. We imagine this candlelit dwelling in Jerusalem as providing a home for weary travelers and an address for those who needed to find them. We step into the room with all four Gospel writers and they give us a glimpse … Continued

Birthday of the Church

Pentecost Sunday is one of the most ancient feasts of the Church. The Acts of the Apostles recounts the story of the original Pentecost (Acts 2). Jews from all over were gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish feast. On that Sunday, ten days after the Ascension of Our Lord, the Apostles and the Blessed … Continued