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Saint Matthew’s story of the baptism of Jesus is an appropriate scripture reading to reflect on our own baptism. Jesus’ baptism has been understood as a symbol of His death. Baptism is the sacrament by which we die to an old life of sin and enter a new life of grace. We “put on Christ.” To be a good steward of one’s baptism means to accept that one has new life in the risen Lord and is willing to be guided by the life of Jesus. As this year begins to unfold, reflect on the meaning of your own baptism, and how you might make an even deeper commitment to a new life in Christ Jesus. Last week we wrote about making Charity a part of your New Year’s resolutions. Charity takes on many forms as it relates to our GPS. With Charity in our hearts, our decisions in this new year should be centered around that Charity and leading our life as Good Stewards of the gifts God has bestowed upon us. The Charity we show through the time we spend in service to others, the sharing of our God given talents with others and the sharing of our treasure are all forms of Charity.
This Generosity is a call to Service to others. So as we move forward as Stewards of God’s gifts, let us bring everything before God thru Prayer and discernment this year.