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Wow, a lot is going to be happening in and around the church over the next couple of weeks.

Starting on Monday, June 3, they will begin to frame up the North and South walls in church that are currently cinder block. Then they will adjust the electric boxes, start hanging the drywall, and then start the finishing of the drywall throughout the week.

It will be a dusty process and scaffolding will be set up all week, so daily Mass will be held in the gym all week. That is June 3 – June 7. Weekend Masses will be back in church. The same situation will be true for the weekday Masses the following week, June 10 – 14. That is when they will finish up the drywall and the painters and artist will be in to do their work. We will have the church chairs with kneelers set up in the gym.

Eucharistic Exposition on Thursdays will also be in the gym over the next 2 weeks.

The Legacy Garden construction is well underway. All of the pavers have not arrived yet and will be engraved with the family names for the dedication. We have to send them out to a third party to be engraved and get them back to install. Watch for updates and announcements over the next week.

We will have a display of the memorial plaques for the Benefactor and Patron levels of gifts in the Gathering Space this weekend. There will also be information about the St. Ann Legacy Society available.