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As a staff, we discern what to communicate, when and how, including invitations to deepen commitment to Christ and to living and growing as stewards. Stewardship operates on two levels: individual and communal. While we, as leaders, focus much of our attention on communicating the stewardship message to parishioners on a very personal level, we are also attentive to the ways in which the parish is living and growing as a faith community of grateful disciples.

Stewardship is ultimately about growing in gratitude and sharing our many blessings with others. The ords in the United States bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship is compelling: “Stewardship is an expression of discipleship, with the power to change how we understand and live out our lives.” While  stewardship formation encourages people to take stock of the ways in which they are living as disciples and stewarding their many gifts and blessings, we must also be attentive to how well the parish is stewarding resources. This personal and communal journey of discipleship lived out as stewards has the potential to transform hearts and minds, and to make lasting change in the life of the parish, for the better. When referring to “the parish,” it is important to recognize that the people are the parish! “The parish”
often denotes the direction, strategies and practices that are incorporated into parish life, guided by parish leaders. “The parish” also refers to the entire faith community and recognizes the tremendous impact this community has on the way in which each person lives and grows in faith.

For the staff and our ministries, Autumn is a time of renewal in mission, in which we look more closely at our current practices and consider new initiatives in order to lead our community to more faithfully live as disciples and grow as good stewards.