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“Everyone should have a genuine devotion to Mary and entrust his life to her motherly care.” Vatican II Week One

This week we read about St. Louis de Montfort. He wrote the book True Devotion to Mary, this book is the basis of all Marian consecrations and has been studied and loved by many saints and Popes. He teaches that the best and surest way to love the Lord is through the heart of his mother. He writes, “This devotion consists, then, in giving ourselves entirely to Our Lady, in order to belong
entirely to Jesus through her. We must give her

  1. our body, with all its senses and its members;
  2. our soul, with all its power;
  3. our exterior goods of fortune, whether present or to come;
  4. our interior and spiritual goods, which are our merits and our virtues,
    and our good works, past, present , and future.”

He continues, “It is as if a peasant, wishing to gain the friendship and benevolence of the king, went to the queen and presented her with a fruit which was his whole revenue, in order that she might present it to the king. The queen, having accepted the poor little offering from the peasant, would place the fruit on a large beautiful dish of gold, and so, on the peasant’s behalf, would present it to the king. Then the fruit, however unworthy in itself to be a king’s present, would become worthy of his majesty because of the dish of gold on which it rested and the person who presented it.”

Will we give ourselves wholly to Mary so she can present us to the King of Kings as a worthy gift?

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