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Greetings! As we move into Advent, you may notice a few changes in the music that reflect this season of preparation.

Did you know that YOU, as the assembly, are actually the most important part of our liturgical music? Your responses and singing actually
proclaim certain rites throughout the liturgy. For instance, when we sing “Alleluia” before the Gospel, we enact the rite of the Liturgy of the Word. Pretty cool!

The Responsorial Psalm is our chance, as an assembly of God’s faithful, to participate in a prayerful way to sing praise to the Lord. If you look closely at the language of the Psalms, you will see them as beautiful poems of praise and lamentation intended to be sung to God!
I encourage you to sing together. A few weeks ago, the whole church was overflowing with song as the assembly sang our closing hymn, How Great Thou Art; it was beautiful and powerful.

That week, it was commented on by Father McCarthy, choir members, parish council members, and the leadership team. So don’t be shy! When we sing together, it makes our liturgy that much more prayerful and glorifying to the Lord!