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Men – a call to join Christ Renews His Parish !

Do you ever feel alone in your spiritual journey? Are you even experiencing a spiritual journey to Christ? Christ Renews His Parish is a fellowship of parishioners (separate groups for men and women) that can help enhance your spiritual life.

Men and women establish and react to relationships in different ways. For men, just the word “relationship” can create a barrier. The Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) for men provides a confidential environment for men to share their concerns. During the annual retreat, some past participants share their own spiritual journeys. Often new participants will internalize what they hear and use it to renew or sharpen their own spiritual journey toward Christ. From this, men will often see hope for themselves and seek additional enrichment.

After a retreat, some men choose to continue their journey through other ministries which have special interests and appeal to them. Some men choose to stay involved with CRHP to help them in their renewed journey toward Christ. Either way, knowing and better loving Christ is the opportunity and challenge at hand. Watch for announcements of your retreat this fall.