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Men Growing in Their Love for Christ

As men, we often find it difficult to express our faith in Jesus Christ to others whether they be family, friends or a stranger we meet. We are practicing Catholics; we attend Mass on Sunday; we receive the sacraments; we maybe even go to Confession a couple of times a year.  We pray regularly and give a good example for our children to follow in the way we live our lives.

Christ wants to work through us.  However, we always find it difficult to verbalize our beliefs and love of Christ to others.  We know that this is something that Jesus has asked us to do –  to evangelize others – but we have real trouble getting started.  Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a program that can be extremely helpful in responding to this calling.  It is the chance to meet with other men who have the same apprehensions.  It is a chance to listen to other men learning to talk about and give witness to their faith.

CRHP is a chance to spend a couple of days in a relaxed setting talking with other men about your faith. Please give serious consideration to joining the men’s retreat this fall.