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Over the last six years, St Ann has been blessed to have many seminarians serve and live on its campus. In fact, eight seminarians have chosen to come here during their summer break to work/live at St. Ann: Jedidiah Trittle (currently a transitional Deacon), David Dosek (now Father Dosek, who this May becomes a first time pastor), Alex Biryomumeisho (currently a transtional Deacon), Anthony Marcarro (currently on his internship year), as well as Eddie Hoffman (also on his internship year), David Tran (1st year Theologian), Jacob Lindle (who will be on internship next year), and Brody Witt (also going on internship next year). In addition to these summer residents, we have had four seminarian deacons who have done their preaching practicum at St. Ann prior to being ordinated to the priesthood: Fr. Tom Reagan, Fr. Alex Witt, Fr. Victor Moratin, and soon-to-be Fr. Andrew Hess. Rev. Mr. Hess, our current seminarian intern, will be ordained to the priesthood on May 18, 2019 at the cathedral. He will have a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Ann the following week, Sunday, May 26 at11:30 a.m., followed by a reception in the gym. Two of his classmates, who will be ordinated as priest as well, spent summers here: Rev Mr. Jedidiah Trittle and Rev Mr. Alex Biryomumeisho. We’ve been so blessed to have each of these men. I honestly can’t think of another parish in the Archdiocese that has had as many seminarians as we have over the last six years. There was once a joke made by a seminarian professor that St. Ann should be renamed the Mt. St Mary’s of the Northwest, because we were having so many seminarians during the summer. I think one year we had three. This Easter, there will be three staying in the rectory over Easter break. This shows
St. Ann must be doing some things right. We must also be viewed diocese-wide as a vibrant parish with much to offer; if not, the seminary wouldn’t allow so many to stay here. In addition to all this, I have more good news. The seminary has recently assigned us another seminarian intern starting in late August: Ethan Hoying, from St. Remy parish in Russia, Ohio. I am confident that Ethan will do
as good a job here as Andrew did. I can’t thank the parish enough for their support and encouragement to these young men over the
years. All have given glowing remarks of their time here and have encouraged other seminarians to spend their summers at St. Ann. Parishioners have made all these men feel welcome. Many of you have also supported various fundraisers, like Bunco, which raises money so the parish can continue to support these men financially. Seminarians are not cheap! They enjoy the finer things in life, like
food and shelter, heat and air-conditioning. I know that seems crazy. Please know that our parish is playing a huge roll in their formation as future priests and pastors within the Archdiocese and, who knows, perhaps one of them will be a future pastor at St. Ann. Once again, thank you for your welcome and support of these men, and please continue to pray for them. We need good and holy priests.

In Christ,
Fr. McCarthy

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