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We will be opening the Church from 7:00 – 8:00 pm on Sunday, Aug. 28th for prayers.  We have several people in the parish who are ailing.  One of our most active volunteers is in urgent need of our prayers.  Many of you out there know someone who is hurting or sick that needs our prayers also.  Join us in the Lord’s house to pray for all in need this Sunday.  Help us bring strength in numbers to lifting our prayers to the Blessed Mother to take before Jesus and his healing power.


“Christ Jesus source of life and spirit of all healing.  Bless those who seek to serve one another in your name.  Direct and guide us.  Remembering that each of us will take our turns in darkness and in light, let us be light for one anotherwhen darkness falls.  Gentle our hands, soften our ryes.  Open a window in our hearts so that your grace and loving kindness may shine through.  Make of our attention a safe shelter ofr the healing of the lonely, the sick in mind and heart, spirit and body.  Renew us always in your love.  Amen”

There will be music played at various times during the hour.  Please join us this Sunday!