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As we continue our journey during this Lenten season, the days are growing longer and getting warmer, the flowers are starting to sprout and many of us have already given up on our Lenten disciplines. As Fr. McCarthy pointed out in his homily last week, LENT IS HARD! The Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting, almsgiving and service to others are tough in many cases. In the area of service to others, we have established the Neighborhood Network (NN) to assist all of us in the area of service that allows the opportunities year-round, not just Lent. The NN is much more than just a service project for our neighbors. It is about building community, reaching out to neighbors in need of conversation, providing opportunities for spiritual growth through small group studies, fun events, family activities, community projects and much more. The NN is even more impactful with the establishing of the “Family of Parishes” that have been established through the Beacons of Light initiative. Much of the neighborhoods in our area have families who go to other parishes within the new family. What better way to get to know our Catholic brothers and sisters than right in our own neighborhood. As the weather improves, we will be getting started with some initiatives soon! Come check out the table for the NN at the Ministry Awareness Fair on March 27th after Masses.