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Summer’s end brings with it nostalgia for carefree days, long nights, lazy weekend afternoons, reunions with families, and summer road trips. But in our parishes, autumn brings a burst of new life that makes September feel almost like spring. Why? For the Christian steward, fall brings a renewed sense of commitment. Literally, many of us make our commitment of time and resources to our parish during September or soon after. Stewardship and Mass+… bring a sense of excitement to parish weekends, witness talks remind us of the good work to be done, renewed calls for sign-ups for Eucharistic Exposition are issued, and kids are everywhere – in our Catholic schools and in our faith formation programs – filling us with hope and enthusiasm for our young Church. This is the time when we reexamine and reconfirm our stewardship. If you found yourself away from your parish this summer – either through neglect or through travel and visits to other parishes – now is the time to get reacquainted. Our parish is our primary faith community, where we build relationships based on our shared values and sacramental life, and September is a wonderful way to come “home” to your community. Your spiritual home – St. Ann. Some things which will draw you closer to your faith community during September and the fall:
• Become a Hospitality Minister.
• Attend Mass+… activities.
• Attend the Parish Convocation on October 30th (details next week).
• Make Sunday Mass your top weekend priority, ahead of sports, school activities, or other temptations.
• Attend an adult faith formation session (Return).
• Take inventory of your financial giving. Did you sometimes neglect the parish offertory during the summer months? We offer online giving so that your year-round stewardship of treasure helps provide the parish with a stable income.