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At the 65th Anniversary Dinner we officially kicked off the St. Ann Legacy Society and revealed the plans for the Legacy Garden. A computerized view is below. Your St. Ann family is practicing its faith, united by the sacraments, inspired by our gatherings and practicing the lessons learned over the years.

What will keep St. Ann a vibrant parish? Knowing our tasks are not complete. We recognize we must continue to grow and reach out, challenging ourselves to assist everyone in understanding the relevancy of our Catholic Faith, advocate for participation in the sacraments, increase opportunities for devotion, and welcome newcomers to a vibrant community with whom to practice and grow in their faith.

Throughout our lives we plan for the future as best we can, hoping to make the most of our time with family and friends. St. Ann has played a significant role in your family’s life. It is your spiritual home, a place for devotion, the sacraments and spiritual growth. Just as you plan to leave something of value to family and friends upon your passing, please consider a legacy gift to your parish as well.

The Legacy Garden will be a lasting tribute to those who have remembered St. Ann in their final plans. Over the years we have had many of our parishioners leave us substantial gifts through their wills and estate planning. We have formed the St. Ann Legacy Society to honor those folks and look to build up the Society in order to assist with future needs of the parish. The garden will be one part of our way to thank them.

While most people who think of their spiritual home in their plans do not necessarily want to be recognized, we feel that the recognition in this simple way will work as a lasting tribute to them and an expression of faithful generosity for those in the parish now and in the future. The Legacy Garden itself will signify another renewal of St. Ann as we move into the new Mass+… era. There are Legacy Society packets available in the Hospitality Room and Parish Office