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On the first weekend, we provided everyone there with an update of how the engagement process worked and shared the seven challenges that St. Ann faces based on the information collected from all the surveys and discussion groups and how we are working toward solving them.

The second session was a sharing of ideas and answering questions from the parishioners. We were very pleased with the amount of folks
who showed up and asked questions and shared ideas they had. It was great! We broke up into three groups and opened the floor to those
there. Several new ideas were presented that we had not received before and hopefully we clarified some of the questions you presented.

We are putting all the information from the sessions together and are passing it along to the 4 Implementation Teams to include as they
work to solve the challenges. We will be communicating their progress in all our communications platforms as we move
forward in this process.

These input sessions will occur a couple times a year and anytime you have a question or have an idea, please contact at the office – 521-8440 or email us at info@saintannparish.org