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What is GPS? GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Maybe we can consider it as a GOD Positioning System?!

GPS has become a theme we have all come to associate with directions and guidance. All the things that we have been doing here at St. Ann are about creating the roadways, avenues, and vehicles to invite, involve and engage people in their journey to a closer relationship with our Lord. Here at St. Ann, this formal journey began a couple years ago as we decided to go forward with an engagement process with ISPD, that started in the Fall of 2017 and conducted a Parish Convocation in the Spring of 2018.

We accumulated a lot of input and developed Mass+… that kicked off in August of 2018 as a vehicle to make your Sunday Experience come to life. We invite everyone to take part in the many formation, social, family and learning opportunities that we now provide via Mass+… GPS is the continuation of that engagement process. We will continue to invite you and your input to develop our direction, our vision, that creates opportunities to invite and involve people in our mission. Our mission statement is:

“To know, love and serve the Lord in this life and to be happy with Him forever in the next.”

At St. Ann, GPS is the guidance system to fulfill our mission and vision.

Generosity – the giving of our time, talents and treasure. We, as good Stewards of our God given
gifts, are called to share all that we have with each other and live life with an attitude of gratitude.
St. Ann is blessed to have many generous parishioners. We started 2019 by asking everyone to
consider an increase in their offertory giving and your response was awesome and we thank you so
much for that. We asked for your input in many areas and your responded again with more than we
could imagine. We are most grateful for everything you have done in this last year.

We shared a vision of how we wanted our church to appear back in 2000. We were able to make
church feel more like church with the 2004 renovation. But we were not able to get everything we
wanted back then. Since Fr. McCarthy arrived, he has made many things happen that were part of
that original vision . . . and then some.

NOW, THANKS TO YOUR GENEROSITY, we are sitting in a beautiful, warm, prayerful
church! Much of the cost of this beautification project was funded by special gifts from
parishioners, including a substantial Legacy Gift. Thanks to all who donated special gifts toward
this project. There are just a few things left that we would like to do. More about that later.