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Thank you to all of you who showed up, and joined us on-line, Sunday night to our prayer night for those in need of some healing.  Over 160 people came to church united in prayer and most who stayed the entire hour.  Thank you for lifting up your rosaries and prayers for all in need.  We had a board in the Gathering Space for people to put the name(s) of someone who is in need of our prayers.  There were over 60 names on the board.  We are sure there was a lot more than that, that were not listed.

Thanks to Fr. Jim who did some personal blessings with people who were present in need of a little extra care.

Thanks to our music director, Becky, for taking the service to a different level with her beautiful songs and sharing her amazing talent.  I would suggest to anyone to go back to our home page, click on Live Stream button.  Click on the picture with the church, click Previous Broadcast, click on Hour of Adoration/Parish Prayer Service. Her songs are around 14:35, 22:10, 51:00 and 1:03 on the timer at the bottom of the recording.  Absolutely moving as she sang and many of those in attendance joined in (the sound on the recording does not give justice to the live version, but you still want to check it out).

Sunday night proved the amount of people in our Families that need our prayers.  It also proved the awesomeness of the Catholic Family coming together in prayer.