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To help pave the way to heaven for the children, it is essential for parents to establish an atmosphere of prayer in the home. They will first want to ground themselves in prayer, making it an integral part of their daily lives.

If children are raised in a household of prayer, prayer will become as natural as breathing to them and will indeed provide a secure       foundation. Kids take cues from their best role models, their parents, and grandparents. The   example of prayers said in the morning and evening, for special intentions at various times, and at the dinner table speaks volumes since  children look to adults and learn their behaviors.

To help our family focus more on the sacred rather than the secular, we must bring something of the big Church into our little domestic church. We do that by placing sacred images around our home. Sacred art, icons, crucifixes, images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the          Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Holy Family, saints’ pictures, sacramentals, holy-water fonts and even a prayer corner can adorn our homes. These holy items help stir the soul and lift our attention toward heaven and its rewards.

                                        To be continued…….