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A Prayer Corner

A Prayer Table

A few sacred tangible items placed in view makes praying more touchable for our kids. A prayer  table or prayer corner set up in a gathering area of the home can help to draw our attention to the sacred rather than the secular.

A Prayer Corner

In its explanation of favorable places for prayer and worship, the Catechism tells us, “For personal prayer, this can be a ‘prayer corner’ with Sacred Scriptures and icons, in order to be there, in secret, before our Father [Mt 6:6].  To create this prayer corner, simply place a small table in your dining room or living room, wherever best suits your needs. A beautiful icon or a crucifix can be hung on the wall above the table. A Bible, prayer books, holy water and basket of rosary beads can be placed on the table.

Children’s books on saints or with Bible stories can fill a basket or bookshelf nearby. You might want your prayer table to reflect the various seasons in the liturgical year, adorning it with flowers  on holy days or Marian feast days.

Children Activities

Children can sit upon pillows or mats as they gather for morning or evening prayer or while listening to an age-appropriate inspirational story. The kids can be encouraged to draw holy pictures to decorate the area. Prayer petitions can be scribbled on paper and placed on the prayer table.

This unique area will grow with your children as you replace the large wooden rosary beads with grown-up beads and swap out the little kid books for more mature ones. With a smidgen of time, some thought and prayer, you will have fashioned a little oratory for holy encounters, a place of   refuge. Even when not in use, your prayer corner stands as a reminder of a holy reason for your days within the home.