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Last week, we wrote about your Generosity. On that Sunday, we dedicated the Legacy Garden. The Garden only has two plaques in it right now. That is because we wanted to show examples of what it would look like and the fact that these two individuals left a Legacy Gift.

Millie Barhorst gave us many special gifts in her years as a St. Ann parishioner. The Benefactor level of the St. Ann Legacy Society means you gave a gift of $250,000 or more. She was very involved at St. Ann and gave of all her many gifts, not just monetary. In death, she left St. Ann a very large financial gift, along with many of her family members and the many charities she was involved with. Millie was the car pool driver for many elderly parishioners to Mass and socials well into her 90’s. She truly was the perfect example of being a good steward with all her many blessings. Thank you Millie.

Fr. Tony served our Lord in many ways — as a priest, educator, friend, associate and inspiration, to name just a few. Fr. Tony was at Elder HS for many years and influenced many young men into being the best version of themselves. He truly believed in Catholic education. In his time here at St. Ann, he was very involved with several ministries and complemented Fr. Tom Dennemann well. In death, Fr. Tony left a sizable bequest that was only allowed to be used for tuition assistance for St. Ann students attending Our Lady of Grace school. Many of our St. Ann students have been able to get their Catholic education thanks to Fr. Tony’s legacy gift.

We will be adding more plaques for those who have already given, along with many pavers to be engraved with the different levels of gifts over the years. We are going to miss someone along the way and we apologize for that ahead of time. We know this first round will be the hardest to get correct. We will update everyone as we move forward with the Legacy Garden.