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As we make our way into the new year, we know there are going to be major changes in the make-up of our Catholic Communities in the areas of physical locations, pastors, Mass times, administration, and many other areas of the church down the road. So, we are all waiting and wondering what this is going to look like. Yes, it will be a crazy second half of 2022 as some of the changes take place. What will not change is the fundamental reasons and beliefs of being a Catholic. Some will be attending Mass at a different time or a different physical building, but the Mass and its message will not change no matter where it takes place. If you were (or have been) in Rome and attended a Mass, it might be in Latin, but you know what is going on. We are one universal church. “Where two or more are gathered …” After the changes are made and we work together to establish the new Parish Families set-up, the benefits will become apparent. With multiple priests available to the Parish Family, they will have more time for our needs, more confession time available, more sick calls, more counseling time, more priestly duties can be provided. And, the priest will be together for their mental and physical health that will allow them to serve us and the Lord in a greater way than they are able to now